A Heavy Duty Tree Chipper Will Help You Take Charge

When clearing a large pile of wood you need a machine that can handle the load and run for hours. Today, there are many types of tree chippers out there. Woodchuck and Morbark are two of the leaders in developing and manufacturing these machines. Tree chippers can range from smaller units ideal for use around the home, to larger units that can handle the job of large landscape companies or even some logging companies. The beauty is, whatever your needs are when it comes to chipping trees, you have many options to chose from. Now let’s look at a few options.

For those who need a big tree chipper that is mobile and can handle large debris, the Woodchuck Hyroller 1250 12″ is the answer. This commercial machine is a 5200-pound monster that can handle debris up to 12 inches. The machine is easily towable from job to job and to wherever you need to take it! The Highroller also features a hydraulic feed system allowing you to chip up to 100 feet per minute. This system is also built with the safety of the user in mind. At any one point, the operator can stop all systems by grabbing the “Panic Bar” on the outside of the machine to cut all operations. The Woodchuck Hyroller also utilizes an increased air intake system to minimize clogging with the machine.

Another impressive tree chipper which is great for even larger logging operations is the Morbark 25/36 NCL Whole Chipper. The name really tells all as this machine can handle logs upwards of 25″ in diameter. This Whole Chipper comes standard with a discharge chute which allows you to pack trucks tighter increasing truckloads with each haul. The machine is relatively low maintenance with replaceable parts and with its high production rate; you can expect increased fuel economy, lowering operating costs. The Morbark 25/36 NCL also has a diagnostics monitoring system to reduce downtime. Another great feature is this machine is controlled by a wireless remote. Though the machine is larger, with the right equipment you can easily hitch it to a truck and move from job to job as needed.

If you run a large scale lumber operation, Morbark offers a whole tractor system, the Morbark Model 50/48B WCL Track Whole Tree Chipper. This large tractor allows it to move freely through rough terrain and has a massive drum handling logs up to 25 inches. This machine is truly the king of the bunch and Morbark is proud to be the manufacturer of the largest whole tree track chipper on the market.

As I outlined, for larger-scale operations in tree chipping you have many options. It is important to look at the needs of your operation before purchasing a tree chipper. The Woodchuck 1250 Hyroller would suit any landscaping operation nicely. For logging companies, the Morbark Model 50/48B WCL Track Whole Tree Chipper is the premier machine in the industry. With a little research, you can easily find the right machine for you.

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