Stump Remover Products To Clean Up Dead Trees

Do you need a stump remover? Once you get a tree cut down, that is not the end of the process. Unless you get the stump removed, you are left with a dead tree taking up space and causing your yard or property to look messy. However, there are a few things you can do to fix this problem. You must begin by drilling holes into the tree, then apply a chemical compound, and in some cases once the stump has decayed pour kerosene or gas into the stump and light it on fire.

There are some solid options out there when searching for a commercial stump remover. The Green Light Company offers Stump Remover (Model 40003). This product accelerates the decomposition process for stumps and provides for a faster stump removal. The added benefit is that this product will not harm the surrounding vegetation. Agri Supply sells a stump remover as well. If you can venture down to your local Home Depot in the garden section, you can find a section for stump removers. Some of the brands they offer are Grants or Wilsons Stump Remover.

Bonide Stump Out is a dry chemical that you apply directly to the face of the stump. This particular product does not require any chopping of the stump or digging around the roots of the stump. Stump-Not Tree Remover works by chemically breaking down the fiber of the tree and accelerating the decomposition process. Stump-Not allows the stump to become porous so it will absorb kerosene or fuel oil, allowing it to burn very hot right down to the roots.

Hi-Yield is another product that decomposes the wood and leaves the stumps porous right down to the root tips. Gordon’s Stump Remover is yet another brand for eating away at the stump. This product claims after 4-6 weeks the product has taken effect and the stump can now be burned.

Another method for stump removal is using nitrogen rich fertilizer to fill the holes you must drill into the stump. The fertilizer will help eat away at the stump fast, ultimately causing the stump to almost completely decay away. There are many different kinds of fertilizers. Scotts is a leading brand of fertilizer, but there are also organic fertilizers and other brands that will be sufficient if rich in nitrogen.

Prices for stump removers are fairly low. You can get one pound of stump remover with prices ranging from $4 to roughly $10 depending on the brand. This may seem like a high price, but remember, you must dilute almost all chemicals you buy to remove stumps.  It is also important to note that when using these products you should wear gloves and eye protection if you can.

Safety should be a priority when using certain chemicals in stump removal. Most solutions come with mixing instructions and directions on how to apply the chemicals, but if you have any questions consult your local hardware store for more information. By using the proper stump remover product and application, you can get rid of any stump in almost no time.

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