Chipper Shredders For Homeowners, Landscapers, And Ranchers

Chipper shredders are versatile lawn care machines for those who have many trees or bushes in their yards. These powerful machines not only help you keep your yard free of larger debris, but they can also turn that debris into mulch for your flower beds or any other use you need! Some chipper shredders even blow the debris into a bag, making disposal or reuse that much easier.

There are many options when it comes to chipper shredders such as: MTD Yard Machines 24-452G700 205 Chipper Shredder, the Craftsman 305cc Drop Down Chipper Shredder, to the Troy-Bilt 24A-414B766 205cc Tow-Behind Chipper Shredder. Prices for the mulchers can range anywhere from $500 to almost $800. These chipper shredders are equipped with wheels to allow the machines to be easily maneuverable, especially models like the Troy-Bilt which comes with a standard tow bar for your riding tractor.

Some chipper shredders come equipped with bags that can hold up to 5 bushels worth of mulch. A much more versatile chipper shredder is the CSV 206 Chipper Shredder Vac/Mulcher. Not only is this device self-propelled but it also acts as a vacuum ideal for cleaning leaves from the ground.

For those of you surrounded by trees, the fall can be a tough time, trying to constantly keep up with raking. However, with this device you can vacuum the leaves up and turn them into compost for your garden! With the self-propelled mower, anyone can operate these chipper shredders and tackle any size task. For the customer with a larger property or for the lawn care industry there is another option.  The DEK Commercial-Grade Chipper Shredder is a 14 horsepower shredder designed to handle larger jobs. This model sells for under $1200 and can turn 12 bags of yard waste into 1. This mulcher comes with an oversized funnel for leaves and with an ATV or tractor hitch allowing for easy maneuverability. The bag on this commercial DEK can hold 2 bushels worth and can handle cutting debris up to 4 inches thick.

When looking to pick the right chipper shredders, you need to look at the size of your property. For larger property owners, you will want to go with the commercial size chipper to handle a higher volume of debris. If your property is adequate size, a standard machine such as the Craftsman 205cc Drop Down Chipper Shredder or the Troy-Bilt Tow-Behind Chipper Shredder (Model 24A-414B766) will do just fine.

Most chipper shredders are easy to move from location to location, but for ideal use, you can look for a machine that comes equipped with a tow bar to pull behind your tractor or ATV. This product can save you money on mulch while at the same time improve the overall appearance of your yard. If you have a lawn full of twigs or leaves in autumn cover your property, with a chipper shredder you have a quick, effective solution.

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