DR Chipper Helps Your Yard Look Spectacular

DR Chipper provides a line of chippers to help customers easily clear their land of debris. DR Chipper manufactures a line of rapid-chip mulchers to make chipping faster and easier than before.

There are three basic models: the 11.00 Premier Chopper, the 16.50 Pro Chipper, and the 30.00 Pro-XL Chipper. Prices range from $2,159 to $4,139. This model boasts being stronger and faster than department store models. The hopper is built with a wide mouth so there is no need to prune branches away. You simply place the material into the hopper and it easily mulches. This model also comes with a top discharge to allow chips to be accurately placed into piles or onto a tarp. This model can be transported by hand or with a Pin Hitch Package that can be attached to your tractor or ATV. These machines are built to be started manually.

Another option is the larger 16.50 Pro Chipper. This machine also comes with more bells and whistles so to speak. You have the option of an extended chute and the DR Chipper Pro Chipper comes with a standard tow-hitch pin package to allow easy maneuverability. This machine can handle 4½” debris and comes with the option for an electric or manual start. The most powerful model is loaded with an 18 horsepower motor and can handle debris of up to 5½”! This device also come with the towing package and is capable to be towed on the road. These models are proudly built in America and come with sufficient warranties.

Another option is the 3 Point Hitch Model Chipper/Shredder. This model mounts to the back of your tractor and chips everything everywhere you go. This chipper boasts heavy duty, all steel construction and can pulverize weeds into nutrient rich mulch or compost. The 18 horsepower 30.00FPT Model Dr Chipper/Shredder has a simple design and is virtually maintenance free lasting for years. This machine is easily towable up to 45 mph on the open road. This mulcher goes for $5,310 but is well worth the price tag.

DR Chipper provides a wide variety of choices to meet the demands of the customer with a small lawn, or a rancher with many acres. The machines are versatile and have the ability to handle any job. When deciding which machine is the best fit for you, you want to consider the size. A smaller property means a smaller machine. However, do not be fooled, even the smallest 11.00 Premier DR Chipper can handle almost any task and with its 2 year warranty, you can expect it to last as well as every other product DR offers to its customers.

These chippers can clean your property while helping your garden by supplying nutrient-rich mulch. In addition, they are self-fed which makes chipping even easier on you, allowing you to move quickly and accomplish more. With these DR Chipper machines, you can expect a tough piece of equipment that will stand up to anything you throw at it.

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