Morbark Chipper Is The Head Of The Class

When looking at tree chippers, the Morbark chipper deserves a solid look. For years they have lead the industry and continue to provide machines that can perform on a high level and are incredibly durable.

The Morbark 25/36 NCL Whole Chipper is an impressive machine for smaller operations.  This Morbark Chipper comes standard with a discharge chute which allows you to pack trucks tighter increasing truckloads with each haul. The machine is relatively low maintenance with replaceable parts and with its high production rate; you can expect increased fuel economy, lowering operating costs. The Morbark 25/36 NCL also has a diagnostics monitoring system to reduce downtime. Another great feature is this machine is controlled by a wireless remote. Though the machine is larger, with the right equipment you can easily hitch to a truck and move from job to job as needed.

The medium sized Morbark Chipper is the Model 40/36 NCL Whole Tree Chipper. This machine like the others comes standard with a staggered knife pattern and knife holders that help the machine run more efficiently. Another great benefit, the 40/36 NCL model boasts the highest production ratios of tons of chips per gallon of fuel. With fuel costs high, this machine is great in helping reduce operating costs while not losing any production.

If you run a large scale lumber operation, Morbark offers a whole tractor system, the Morbark Model 50/48B WCL Track Whole Tree Chipper. This large tractor allows it to move freely through rough terrain and has a massive drum that can handle almost anything you throw at it. This machine is truly the king of the bunch and Morbark is proud to manufacture the largest whole tree track chipper on the market. The 50/48B’s internal drive feed moving system has less moving parts creating a high performance, low maintenance machine.

Morbark also offers a line of Chiparvestors. These machines come with an electronic RPM sensor and the ESPAR heating system which is ideal for cold weather starts of the machine. The operators cab is user friendly, the device is easily portable, and most importantly it can produce quality chips with any kind of wood. The operators cab is weather proofed and sits on rubber shock absorbers which protect the cab from sustaining any damage during transportation. The loader can also handle loads of 17,200 pounds at 10′. This machine could be a valuable asset to your operation.

Morbark has been an industry leader for years. As we have looked into here, there are many options for your company, depending on what you are looking for. Each machine is guaranteed to be a quality chipper and will run for hours, through the cold and mud. When looking today, a Morbark chipper is a great choice with their versatile durable machines. Even if you run into trouble, a Morbark service expert can gladly assist with any issue if necessary. It is clear at Morbark they are dedicated to the customer and to the machines they construct.

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