The PTO Chipper Will Transform Your Yard

The classic PTO chipper is driven directly from the tractor’s PTO. These chippers need heavy flywheels to store energy between knife cuts and to even out the load on a tractor’s engine. Recently, smaller units have come into the market.

Often the PTO chipper is almost as powerful and much more maneuverable than the larger units. You can simply drop items into the chute for smaller items and with larger items, the machine will self-feed. Most units allow you to control the size of the wood chip produced.

Liberty Chippers manufactures and sells this powerful and reliable Power Take-Off (PTO) Driven auto feed wood chipper. They offer a 6″ PTO driven chipper which is the best chipper on the market, at a relatively low cost of $2400. The 2009 Liberty 6″ and 8″ PTO Driven Wood Chippers feature two 10.5″ hardened steel blades, which easily chip a 6″ or 8″ diameter branch, while the stationary bed blades will mulch a pile of leaves and shred your brush. Capable of industrial workloads, this PTO chipper can run for hours without slowing down or overheating. 

The standard auto feed roller system of the PTO chipper allows for efficient chipping and conserves your energy as you will not have to guide the branch into the flywheel like on a gravity fed model. This chipper includes all components necessary to connect it to any tractor with a 3 point hitch. It will work on just about any tractor. Bear Cat offers a wide range of PTO chippers. Sizes include 4, 4.5, 5, 8, and 9 inches. The 9 inch PTO Chipper is incredibly user friendly. You choose – self feed or hydrostatic hydraulic feed for infinite feed settings. These chippers mount on your three point hitch and hook directly to the PTO for quick setup and power on demand. You can also control the flow of chips making the mulcher easy to operate and control. Bear Cat has also built a 4 or 5 inch chipper to help on smaller properties and jobs.

A PTO chipper on utility tractors has become a primary source for much of the work around farms, orchards, golf courses, and really any place where you need to turn a pile of branches into a pile of chips. If you fall into this category, perfect. One of the larger models is definitely for you. If you are someone with a small yard and small garden, then a smaller model is ideal for you.

Especially for those living in wooded areas where branches’ littering your yard is a constant fight, a Bear Cat PTO Chipper could be the solution to all of your problems. You can improve the overall appearance of your property as well as use the twigs and branches to mulch your gardens. What better way to be environmentally friendly then by recycling the very wood that falls right into your garden? With these easy to use, portable PTO Chippers, you can begin to make a difference in your yard today.

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