Stump Killer Options You Should Consider

Once you get a tree cut down, that is not the end of the process. Unless you get the stump removed, you are left with a dead tree taking up space and causing your yard or property to look messy. However, there are a few things you can do to fix this problem, especially getting a stump killer product.

Once the tree has been removed, the stump can be killed as follows: Bore holes at a slanting angle around the top of the stump. The holes should be about one and one-half inches in diameter and from eight to ten inches deep. Fill them with some sort of commercial stump killer product. The material will spread through the stump and prevent sucker growth from appearing.

One particular commercial stump killer product is Vine and Stump Killer 40005 by Green Light Sales. Vine and Stump Killer, degrades rapidly in soil, prevents re-sprouting of stumps, kills over 60 trees, brush, and woody vines, rapidly absorbed and is spread 3 feet down throughout the shoots and root system. To use, simply apply small amount on the fresh cut surface and it immediately begins to work.

Another commercial chemical to use is Brush Killer Stump Killer from Fertilome. To use, you simply apply to the face of a fresh cut stump using a paintbrush. The process is simple and effective. Hi Yield is another brand of stump killer. Hi Yield works by decomposing the wood of the tree stump leaving it porous right down to the tip of the root. From here, you can easily pull the dead wood from the ground or burn the remaining stump. This particular product is harmless to vegetation surrounding the stump.

Spectracide is yet another form of commercial stump killer that is easy to use. The granules in the formula accelerate decomposition without harming the surrounding vegetation. Roundup offers a product called Tree Stump & Root Killer. This product is powerful enough to kill tree stumps, saplings, and even standing trees. It also works on either coniferous or deciduous trees. Another product is Bonide Stump-Out Granules. This formula comes in a ready to use powder dissolves into the porous tissues of the stump.

Now that we have an idea of a range of products to kill stumps it is important to note that for most of these formulas, you need to dilute the chemicals. For information on how to dilute or what to dilute with, you can consult the package your stump killer came in or someone at your local hardware store. Also, you must take safety into account. When using stump killer products, you should always wear gloves and eye protection is a safe bet too. Once the chemicals are applied, you must let them set into the stump and allow sometimes a few weeks before you see results. Any of the options laid out are likely to work. By following these simple steps and using the chemicals safely, you can get rid of almost any stump in a few weeks. 

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