The Tree Shredder: Useful For Many Tasks

The tree Shredder can be a useful tool for anyone who needs to clear property of brush and smaller trees. By attaching it to the front of your skid loader or tractor, you can quickly move through thick brush taking down acres in just a few hours. These machines are ideal for farmers and landscaping operations.

One solid option when looking at a tree shredder is the Magnum Mulcher. This tree shredder attaches to the front of skid steer loaders. The Magnum Mulcher’s reversible hammer reduces replacement costs. This machine comes equipped with a hydraulic front deflector door and hydraulic sight pressure providing maximum efficiency. When replacing the blades on the rotors, 45 blades can be replaced in 45 minutes. This tree shredder can handle a hardwood tree up to 8 inches easily, by operating at 2,000 RPM. The Magnum Mulcher comes in three models at three different sizes. Options are: model 165-4 (60″ wide), model 165-5 (72″ wide), and model 165-6 (80″ wide). With these options you can pick which best suits your property or the area you are working in.

Another tree shredder is the Loftness Timber Ax Model New Holland TV 140 and 145. This machine requires a larger tractor but can handle a much larger load. This particular system has a 120 degree range of motion and an adjustable tree bar pusher. The 120 degree range allows you to cut trees from 18 inches below ground to 60 inches above ground. Irregular shaped trees and rough terrain are no problem for this machine. The Timber Ax can handle trees up to 10 inches and cuts weeds, bushes, and lumber all with the same blades.

The Carbide Cutter G2 is s second generation tree shredder. A shear bar helps force wood to the processing area and speeds the job. The two-stage cutting action begins with the rotor picking up material and forcing it to pass between the moving carbide teeth and the stationary counter teeth. The staggered pattern and angles of the counter teeth promote an aggressive feeding action, while still minimizing the jamming that plagues competitive cutters. The partially reduced material is then trapped in the cutting chamber behind the front bumper. Here, the material is processed to a fine mulch as it passes between the carbide teeth and the recutter bar before being discharged toward the ground. For special applications requiring extra fine mulching, an optional 2nd shear bar can be bolted to the row of counter teeth. This dual chipping action will process the material to the finest particle size of any carbide mulching head in the industry.

For smaller applications the Tree Hammer 360 is a great tree shredder. Still in the developmental stages the Tree Hammer will be rated for 4 inch diameter trees and brush with reserve capacity to handle larger material if needed. It will have swinging hammers that will be able to rotate in a 360 degree circle into a pocket in the rotor. The hammers will be heat-treated and will not require sharpening. The new design will have carbide cutter looking body with downward rotation. There will be an option for a tree pusher bar. There will be three-point tractor-mounted models coming also after.

There are many options for a tree shredder to meet the demands of the home gardener, to a rancher, to landscaping companies. Any option will provide you with the equipment, power, and durability you need to handle any task!

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